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A Game Of Checkers

Member : Ivanhoe
A Game Of Checkers
Title : A Game Of Checkers
Name : Ive
Country : Germany, Deutschland
Email : ################
Webpage :
Topic : Anniversary (January)
Copyright : Agreed - 2017-04-14 13:04:45
JPG file : pw-1492140093-Checkers.jpg
Renderer Used : Iray
Tools used : Wings3D, Blender, XFrog, POV-Ray, PoseRay, Photoshop and IC
Render Time : 40 minutes
Hardware Used : GTX 1070
Image description

It's not so much about winning, it's all about capturing the pieces - they are delicious!

Description of how this image was created

Using a chessboard as a TC reference was way too obvious and boring - unless there goes something funny on with it. So, as I was investigating ways to create fur lately anyway, I came up with two squirrels playing checkers, using acorn and red berries for the pieces.
In case you are interested, at my homepage is a new chapter "Fun With Fur" with some earlier experiment and a bit of description.

The did make the chessboard years ago with Wings3D. XFrog was used for all plants besides the cow parsley - done with Blender. While I like my "daysies" and "forget me not" quite a lot I think Howard's dandelions are much better than mine.
The grass was generated with my old POV-Ray grasspatch macros, I only did modify them to write the meshes to a file and then used PoseRay to convert them to the object format.
Finally the Ladybirds are the, for this shot, much too highly detailed models by Gilles Tran - after 10 years I did feel the urgent need to mention him.

Photoshop, IC and POV-Ray were used to create image, translucency, specular, bump and "fur guideline" maps and yes, even if I do not use POV-Ray as a render engine anymore, it is an important tool to have.

After having looked at a lot of photos made by animal photographers I also decided to try out Iray's ability to simulate real lenses and aperture. This produces not just focal blur but also light-bleeding, chromatic aberation and those nice hexagonal highlights.

The original draft had the second (the loosing) squirrel climbing up the tree in the background with some disapointed gesture but due the focal blur it became just a brownish mess that did hurt the image composition - so I had to remove him.

And BTW: as this is an european red squirrel the title should be "A Game Of Dame". Well, maybe "A Game Of Draughts", but I'm not so sure whether the squirrels there consider themselves still european.

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Date uploaded : 2017-04-14 04:21:33
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Comments by members when rating this image
1.   29-04-2017 [ThomdeG] What can I say? I could not expect less from you! :-)
2.   25-04-2017 very nice shot ! great !
3.   24-04-2017 I like the concept, and the image is beautiful

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