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The Relativity Train

Member : pterandon
The Relativity Train
Title : The Relativity Train
Name : Greg M. Johnson
Country : United States
Email : #######################
Webpage : pterandon.blogspot.com
Topic : Relativity (January)
Copyright : Agreed - 2009-04-15 22:32:11
JPG file : pw-1239831131-relat0207_q48_p320.mpg
Renderer Used : MegaPov
Tools used : Modeler: POV-Ray; Encoder: TMPGENc
Render Time : 4 h 10m
Hardware Used :
Image description
I tried to come up with a humorous, scifi/hero story to illustrate a demonstration of relativity I had read about in high school. The idea is to consider the implications of the speed of light being constant, regardless of one's frame of reference. Apologies if the text were to fly by too quickly to read. I spent a lot of development time on this piece working on a version where the text flew by much more quickly, and friends weren't able to read the captions in early drafts. I then had to shorten some of the text captions and then spent a lot of time fixing the movements to take place over an 80 second piece instead of a 60 second one. THEN I ran into a brick wall of the file size being too big. If it were not obvious, the thrashing blue figures at the end are the aliens who sent the blue robot to attack the hero. They ride in their own blue space train. They are now upset because they observed, from a STATIONARY frame of reference outside the craft, our hero choosing to zap their robot FIRST. Whether or not the hero actually shot one first or another depends, according to relativity, completely upon one's frame of reference. (See how hard this was to explain in short captions?) For those of you who actually understand general and special relativity and have critiques over my terminology, etc., I have this to say: If you're wondering how M.I.M.E. Man eats and breathes and other science facts, repeat to yourself, "This is just an animation, I should really just relax." Note: optimum MPEG encoding conditions made for a 12,581 KB file. This was with a quality setting of 50 in TMPGENc. I may have to upload a 49, 48, or 47 quality file in order to meet TINACheP's "12 MB" file size requirement. Thus, I shall probably also render a 512x384 file and submit to Vimeo or youtube.
Description of how this image was created
All items modeled in "POV-Ray, the raytracer, not a modeler." All the characters were modeled by myself years ago and are made out of povray blobs. The green aliens are moved by time functions of sine and cosine to rotate the limbs. M.I.M.E. Man is controlled by some splines to simulate actual acceleration and deceleration along a movement arc. I made use of some MegaPov-specific features, like glows and the camera_view pigment pattern. MegaPov's step function was also invaluable in "stepping" through the animation as I worked on the project.
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Date uploaded : 2009-04-15 22:32:11
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1.   17-04-2009 Same that you had to rush it. I would have liked to have seen the aliens moving.

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