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Challenge 1: Winners

The January/April 2015 Stills Challenge: Complex has the following winners:

1 jhu1 Interfacing
2 jhu1 Difference Engine
3 septime Complexity

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated and/or voted in this round. The complete definitive final scores can be found at the TC_RTC Forums.

Challenge 1: Info



The new Stills Challenge for May 1st / August 31st 2015 is:

"Around The World In 80 Days (by Verne, Jules, 1828-1905)"

Nowadays, we all are potential world travellers. Eighty days? Don't make me laugh! How boring! We need new challenges in our hasty lives; new paradigms to fill our existence. And yet, the world is full of wonders, even on our doorsteps. Let us investigate - beyond our doorsteps - that which can be found in an eighty days' journey across the globe.


Challenge 2: Winners

The March 2015 Stills Challenge: Water has the following winners :

1 JuuG At The Edge Of The World
2 SeanDay Melting
3 rmcgregor Rising

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated and/or voted in this round.

Challenge 2: Info



The new Challenge for April 15th till May 31st, 2015 is:


The next theme is Blue. Uploading closes on the 17th of May and Voting starts on the 18th of May.

We like blue. Blue skies during summer holidays; blue water for swimming. It is a somewhat cold, distant colour which permeates far away landscapes at the horizon. The Earth is a blue ball when viewed from space. But there are other kinds of blue. What about blue Mondays? Blue stockings? Blue Tories? And the formidable Bluebeard of our youth. Out of the blue, we want to be surprised by your blue-prints.


Member Count (April 2015): 179 Cheppers ( Become a Chepper! )

Hopefully, you have arrived here because you are interested in 3D Computer graphics and possibly interested in rendering 3D images and animations. You are all welcome to join in and enjoy the Challenge! If you are not a member, simply register with us by clicking the 'Register' link above.
Current Challenge 1 Challenge
May, 2015
From 01-May-2015 to 31-Aug-2015
Topic : "Around the World in Eighty Days"
There are 105 days left until upload finishes
There are 119 days until voting finishes
Current Challenge 2 Challenge
April, 2015
From 15-Apr-2015 to 31-May-2015
Topic : "Blue"
There are 13 days left until upload finishes
There are 27 days until voting finishes
(January, 2015)
From 01-Jan-2015 to 30-Apr-2015

Interfacing by j


(March, 2015)
From 01-Mar-2015 to 14-Apr-2015

At The Edge Of The World by John

At The Edge Of The World

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See this example of what can be achieved by Mark Slone!

'Innocent Shadow' by Mark Slone
Click for full view

"Innocent Shadow" by Mark Slone


See this example of what can be achieved by Gilles Tran!

'Glasses' by Gilles Tran
Click for full view

"Glasses" by Gilles Tran


For even more inspiration, visit the PoV-Ray Hall of Fame: http://hof.povray.org/index-lb.html

We want to see the best 3D stills  and animations artwork that you can develop using the rendering program and tools of your choice for the given subject. Over the 'Internet' and home-computing years, there have been many advancements in computer chip technology, which has enabled us budding 3D artists to actually do what we want to do. One usage that has catapulted in popularity on home computers is the ability to make/develop a still image or animation using various 3D rendering and raytracing programs used along with associated 3D modelling and texture software.

So get yourself some free programs (see above) and give it a try!

Last but not least, this TC-RTC website is here for everyone to have fun and to enjoy the experience of creating an image or animation in 3D given the present challenge.

We all look forward to seeing yours.

Above all else, enjoy the Challenge!


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